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Bethany Bronwyn Curtis

Freelance Illustrator
Paints in acrylic and digitally, specialises in nature illustrations.


Bethany Bronwyn Curtis
Freelance Illustrator
05/1999 | United Kingdom, Gloucestershire


Our Man in the Moone
Animator / 2019 - 2020
College Commissioned

Hay Festival
Banner Illustrator / 2019
College Commissioned

Hay Festival
Workshop Instructor / 2019
College Commissioned

Atlantic Games
Miniature Painting / 2016 - 2018

South Gloucestershire and Stroud College
Pop-up Shop Vendor / 2017 - 2017

Black Heart Creatives
Jewellery Design / 2015 - 2017

YGO Charity Zine 'Project Sakura'
Tea Tin Illustrator / 2021 - 2021

YGO Charity Cookbook Zine 'Duel Dish, Activate!'
Page Illustrator / 2021 - 2021

YGO Charity Zine 'Heart & Soul'
Page Illustrator / 2020 - 2021

YGO Free Zine 'Lacquer Zine Vol 1: Necrobeat'
Page Illustrator / 2020 - 2021


Hereford College of Arts

Bachelor of Arts Honours - BA (Hons) in Illustration, 1st
2017 - 2020

South Gloucestershire and Stroud College - Stroud

UAL Level 3 Extended Diploma in Art and Design, Merit
2016 - 2017
UAL Level 3 Diploma in Art and Design, Distinction
2015 - 2016

Software - Meduims

Acrylic, Inks, Acrylic Markers

Digital Editing
Procreate, Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign


Character Design
GIF Animation

Duel Dish, Activate!: A Yu-Gi-Oh! Cookbook Zine

Preorder Date: August 30 - October 10
Role: Page Illustrator

Lacquer Zine Vol 1: Necrobeat - A Free Yu-Gi-Oh! Zine

Role: Page Illustrator

Project Sakura: A Yu-Gi-Oh! Zine

Preorder Date: September 18th - October 18th
Role: Tea Tin Illustrator

A Tie that Binds: A Yu-Gi-Oh! Holiday Zine

Creation Period

Preorder Date: November 26th - December 20th
Role: Page Illustrator

20x20: A Hikaru no Go Zine

Creation Period

Release Date: Oct 31st
Role: Page + Merch Illustrator

Aspec Journal Zine: History and Mythology

Creation Period

Role: Merch Illustrator

Standardized Prices

Full Colour Illustration
Bust ∙ ∙ ∙ £25 - ( $34.87 )Full Body ∙ ∙ ∙ £35 - ( $48.81 )Background ∙ ∙ ∙ £50 - ( $69.73 )
Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Art ∙ ∙ ∙ £40 - ( $55.78 )Colouring Sheets ∙ ∙ ∙ £15 - ( $20.93 )
Extra Charcter ∙ ∙ ∙ + £10 - ( $13.95 )Acrylic / Traditinal Painting ∙ ∙ ∙ + £10 - ( 13.95 )Animated Gif ∙ ∙ ∙ + £20 - ( $27.63 )
( conversions are accurate to when this was written 22/06/2021 )
Email me specifics for projects that do not fit any of these

Fine Tuning

Open to Some Negotiation
Please keep in mind the price of illustrations are subject to change depending on complexity and timeframe.

I will charge extra if you want large changes to illustrations after you have confirmed the refined sketch.

Payment will be taken over paypal using their invoice service, if you have any problems please let me know.

Payment can be either paid fully after the rough sketch
Or 50% at rough sketch and 50% at finished illustration

This is to ensure mutual trust in fulfillment of the transaction on both sides.
I will only start the commission fully when I am paid in any amount. l will send you your desired outcome(s) over email when I’m paid fully.

Terms of Service


∙ If you break a rule or do not pay for a commission I will refuse your future commissions.

∙ I hold the right to refuse a commission if I feel uncomfortable with it.

∙ I won’t copy or trace another artist's work for you.
(illustrating in a similar style to an artwork is fine.)

∙ No artwork you commission from me can be reproduced or used for commercial profit without my written
permission. You can ask for this permission after the commission is complete, if you haven't already asked.

∙ If you post my work online for display please credit me.

∙ Please do not drop out of a commission without warning

I Will Work On:

No Thanks:
Anything NSFW
Any Fetish
Anything Racist, Homophobic, Transphobic, Acephobic, Pedophillic, Hate Speech, ect.
Explicit / Intense Gore
Kissing ( makes me uncomfortable, I'm sorry )

Anthro / Furry
Fanart / Original Characters
Cartoon / Candy Gore


If you have any problems with anything during the commission you can contact me over email.
I can also give updates if you request one outside of my regular updates.
My primary method of communication is with my email -
Let me know if this is a problem!

Example Email

Subject Line: Commission :D
Main Body: Hi I'd like...
Brief discriptionSize of the pieceThe Level you wantThe Extras you want(For Fanart) Characters Name + SeriesAny Extra NotesAttachments: Reference Images / Sketches

And I'll get back to you to confirm I've got the email :D

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